Quantum Buddhism  


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One of the best books I have ever read!

I`ve been studying quantum physics on and off for decades; as a practicing Tibetan Buddhist, I`ve been particularly interested in the interface between the insights of quantum physics and my experience with Buddhist practice. The last few months my interest in quantum physics has deepened - I`ve ordered about twenty new quantum physics book. Out of all the books I`ve received, not to mention all of the ones in my library from years past, `Quantum Buddhism` stands out. It so blew me away ... In his writings, Smetham reveals a deep understanding of how the deepest wisdom of the teachings of the Buddha and quantum physics show a precise correlation, continually pointing out these correlations in creative ways that could not be further away from the fuzzy, new age thinking that is characteristic of many such books. I could feel Smetham deepening his own realization of what he was writing about through his words, which literally made me not want to put the book down. Words fail me as I try to come up with adequate superlatives that are worthy of this book. It is truly brilliant – the word `inspired` comes to mind, as if the author was channeling some deeper wisdom that was wanting to find a voice. I kept on having the thought as I was reading it that this book is truly an offering, a true gift for the world. `Groundbreaking` is an overused phrase, but I believe this word applies to `Quantum Buddhism.` It truly deserves to have as wide of a readership as possible, in as many parallel universes as possible.

- Amazon Review by Paul Levy

An Extensive Analysis of the Buddhist-Quantum Connections

This work has had a profound effect upon my life, my practice, and my ideas about perception, self, and the nature of reality. If you have an open mind and an honest interest in the incredible connections and similarities posed both by scientific and Buddhist inquiry, this work will stand as a thorough confirmation of the undeniable overlap and interconnectedness of these subjects. According to both, reality is seemingly not all it appears to be. In chapters separated by exploration of themes (scientific vs philosophical inquiry, `old vs new` models of physics, interconnectedness, emptiness, karma, a philosophical analysis of the many-worlds theory of reality, evolution and the self-perceiving universe, among many others) the author devotes a significant amount of effort toward illustrating links and connections, often philosophically and/or scientifically deconstructing false notions with plenty of support and citations from a variety of sources as evidence. All of which were compelling. This book is also loaded with quotes from the physics giants of the 20th century, the sentiments of who often echo those expressed by Buddhist scholars hundreds and even thousands of years earlier. These often provided the basis for further reading about the subject. I`ve not come across a more comprehensive piece on the subject and frankly I don`t think anything close to it exists yet. The problem with this work lies with how inaccessible and often challenging it can be.
- Amazon Review by MyLifeyourmovie

Major Achievement

Although I am still in the midst of reading this book I can tell that it is of major importance. I thank the author for his courage and hard work for creating such a work. It is certainly a difficult read at times, comparable to Longchenpa's works. However, the effort is well worth it.
- Amazon Review by Ingo Groger

A fantastic resource

This books serves as a guide to both the strangness of Quantum Physics and how it relates to Buddhist philosophy. I have read other books on the subject ... but nothing comes close to the magnitude of information in this book.
- Amazon Review by Weedar


This is quite likely one of the most important books that I have ever read

In this age when "scientific" reductivist-materialist dogma serves to prevent scholars from speaking their mind on the most important spiritual and religious questions without being ridiculed, Graham Smetham has boldly taken to restore things to their proper place. His brilliant analysis serves to show that there is no reason whatsoever that we should relinquish our spiritual understanding of reality in favor of blind belief in arbitrary physical laws, that may or may not even exist. This book demonstrates that there is indeed an implicate order to reality that is in tune with our notions of meaning and purpose and also with certain Buddhist notions like karma and enlightenment.
- GoodReads Review by Rhaegar


A fascinating analysis

This book is a fascinating analysis of the similarities between the ancient Buddhist concept of emptiness, so fundamental to Mahayana practice, and modern discoveries in Physics. These are areas of science and philosophy where Eastern and Western thought have converged in important ways. Their agreement is intriguing and unexpected, with dramatic societal and cultural implications. One of those implications is that the "materialist" view of reality found especially in the West is out-of-synch with the reality described by the West's own hugely successful quantum science. "Quantum Buddhism and the Higgs Discovery" explores this rift and the richness and interplay of the Eastern and Western ideas related to it. Graham Smetham's books are always valuable and fun to read, but this one is especially concise and insightful.
- Amazon Review by Don S. Asper